The NI leadership team is made up of experts from a wide range of disciplines, but they all share one common goal: enabling your success today and into the future through strong partnerships and an open, software-defined platform.

                                  Eric Starkloff

                                  President and Chief Executive Officer

                                  "Our customers are at the forefront of engineering and technology. Together, we’re taking a different approach to how we engineer the world, helping customers be more competitive as they take on the complex challenges shaping humanity."

                                  Executive Leadership Team

                                  Karen Rapp

                                  Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer

                                  Cate Prescott

                                  Vice President of Global Human Resources

                                  Rob Porterfield

                                  Senior Vice President of Global Manufacturing

                                  R. Eddie Dixon, Jr.

                                  Vice President, General Counsel, and Secretary

                                  Carla Pi?eyro Sublett

                                  Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

                                  Jason Green

                                  Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Support, Services, and Operations

                                  Kevin Ilcisin

                                  Vice President of Corporate Strategy

                                  Scott Rust

                                  Senior Vice President of Product R&D

                                  Stefanie Breyer

                                  Vice President of Product Planning

                                  Ritu Favre

                                  Senior Vice President and General Manager of Semiconductor Business

                                  Chad Chesney

                                  Vice President and General Manager of Transportation Business

                                  Luke Schreier

                                  Vice President and General Manager of Aerospace, Defense, and Government Business

                                  Vice Presidents and Fellows

                                  Jeff Kodosky

                                  Cofounder and Business and Technology Fellow


                                  Will Denman

                                  Vice President of Sales, Americas?


                                  David Gardner

                                  Vice President of R&D, Engineering Management


                                  Shelley Gretlein

                                  Vice President of Brand and Communications, Global Marketing


                                  Paul Hofstadler

                                  Vice President of Global Services


                                  Paul Horton

                                  Vice President of Global Sales and Customer Operations


                                  Duncan Hudson

                                  Business and Technology Fellow


                                  Roger Isern

                                  Vice President of Global Information Technology


                                  Steven Lusk

                                  Vice President of Global Supply Chain


                                  Robert Morton

                                  Vice President of Sales, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Africa


                                  Josh Mueller

                                  Vice President of Experience, Global Marketing


                                  Keith Odom

                                  Vice President and Fellow


                                  Raj Purushothaman

                                  Vice President of Manufacturing, Asia-Pacific?


                                  Jim Ramsey

                                  Vice President of Global Partner Program?


                                  John Roiko

                                  Vice President of Finance?and?Chief Accounting Officer


                                  Mike Santori

                                  Business and Technology Fellow


                                  Charles Schroeder?

                                  Business and Technology Fellow


                                  Kevin Schultz

                                  Vice President of R&D


                                  Omid Sojoodi

                                  Vice President of R&D, Application Software


                                  Joseph Soo

                                  Vice President of Sales, Asia-Pacific


                                  Ana Villegas

                                  Vice President of Demand, Global Marketing


                                  Tom Vonderach

                                  Vice President of Strategic Accounts


                                  Dave Wilson

                                  Business and Technology Fellow for Portfolio Business